Hiramatsu Inc. has created a series of original pictograms
that illustrate in a clear, visual form the hygiene measures
we have taken in our restaurants,
cafés and hotels, and for wedding receptions,
as set out in the Hiramatsu Standards.

To help publicize the efforts that everyone in the restaurant business and service industries is making to offer guests and customers safety and peace of mind, and keep them smiling, Hiramatsu is making these pictograms available free of charge and royalty-free.

We have also created ready-to-use POP materials, which you can simply print out.




Download pictograms and POP materials here


  • Hand sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer

    Please clean your hands carefully, using the sanitizer provided.

  • Your health

    Your health

    We respectfully ask that you stay away if you have are unwell, with symptoms such as a fever or a cough.

  • Temperature checks

    Temperature checks

    Please cooperate with temperature checks before you enter the premises. We will respectfully ask you not to enter if you have a fever.

  • Contact-free payment

    Contact-free payment

    To avoid contact when you pay your bill, we provide cash trays and recommend paying at the table.

  • Surface disinfection

    Surface disinfection

    We sanitize all frequently touched surfaces in common areas once an hour.

  • Disinfecting tables & chairs

    Disinfecting tables & chairs

    We sanitize tables, chairs, bag baskets and other frequently touched objects after every guest.

  • Fresh tablecloths

    Fresh tablecloths

    In the interests of hygiene, we change tablecloths after every guest.

  • Back-of-house hygiene

    Back-of-house hygiene

    Back-of-house areas used by staff are kept well ventilated and are regularly sanitized.

  • Separate dishes

    Separate dishes

    To reduce the risk of infection, we try as far as possible to avoid guests sharing dishes.

  • Hand hygiene after table-clearing

    Hand hygiene after table-clearing

    Waiting staff sanitize their hands every time they clear dishes from a table.

  • Food hygiene

    Food hygiene

    We are taking extra care to observe the standard food hygiene measures required under Japan's Food Sanitation Act.

  • Staff health checks

    Staff health checks

    We check our staff's temperatures when they arrive for work and before opening, and anyone with a cough, fever or other cold-like symptoms is sent home.

  • Masks


    For your safety and to maintain public hygiene, our staff wear masks while commuting and at work.

  • Hand-washing & gargling

    Hand-washing & gargling

    Our staff wash their hands and gargle on arrival and at frequent intervals while at work.

  • Supplier hand hygiene

    Supplier hand hygiene

    Anyone entering our premises (food suppliers etc) is asked to clean their hands with sanitizer.

  • Travel restrictions

    Travel restrictions

    Staff are not permitted to travel overseas or within Japan, especially to areas with a high risk of infection.

  • Health & safety

    Health & safety

    We hold training sessions led by experts to raise staff awareness of coronavirus prevention measures and food safety.

  • Your luggage & car

    Your luggage & car

    Our staff sanitize their hands or wear gloves when handling your luggage or parking your car.

  • Check-in & check-out

    Check-in & check-out

    To help avoid close contact, we may ask you complete check-in or check-out in your room if the lounge is busy.

  • Guest room disinfection

    Guest room disinfection

    We thoroughly sanitize all surfaces in guest rooms that guests may touch, and provide sanitizer in all rooms.

  • Turndown service

    Turndown service

    To avoid staff entering guest rooms more than necessary, please let us know if you do not require your bed turning down.

  • Hair & makeup amenities

    Hair & makeup amenities

    Hair and makeup amenities are replaced or sanitized after every guest.

  • Wedding guest reception

    Wedding guest reception

    To reduce congestion, we may change reception times and places. We also take precautions regarding the handling of cash and use of shared pens etc.

  • Photographs


    Please note that to avoid contact, we are unable to comply with requests for staff to take photographs using your camera or smartphone.

  • Microphones


    We provide separate microphones for the MC and guests, and sanitize them after every use.

  • Table service

    Table service

    Except for desserts presented on individual plates, food is served by staff wearing gloves.

  • Table spacing

    Table spacing

    To maintain social distancing, we have a reduced number of tables, placed at least 2 metres apart.

  • Table spacing

    Table spacing

    To maintain social distancing, we have a reduced number of tables, placed well apart.

  • Seat spacing

    Seat spacing

    Chairs are spaced to ensure that guests at the same table are not seated too close together.

  • Diner numbers

    Diner numbers

    To minimize risk, we restrict the number of diners per reservation and stagger reservation times.

  • Ventilation


    We keep our premises well aired using ventilation systems and by opening windows at regular intervals.

  • Masks


    For your safety and to maintain public hygiene, please wear a mask as far as possible except during meals.

Using pictograms and POP materials

The Hiramatsu original pictograms and POP materials can be downloaded from our website, free of charge and royalty-free. Please edit them to suit your own needs, for in-store display or on social media and websites.

These materials are intended to educate individuals, companies and organizations about hygiene and sanitation. They should not be used for improper commercial purposes.